Team Indonesia 2012

A blog dedicated to the adventures of Sterling College's 2012 Mission Team to Indonesia


Our journey home has begun…

Well, we definitely enjoyed our time in Bali. It is an incredibly beautiful place. Now we’re just chillin in the Singapore airport. We have about an 8 hour layover before we head on to Hong Kong, Chicago, then finally Wichita. We will see you all soon! Thank you for your prayers throughout our trip. God is so good. We’re excited to share more stories when we get home.


Finally in Bali

After a five hour drive through the mountains of Flores and a short hour and a half flight we finally made it to Bali. At the Bali airport we had to say goodbye to our Indonesian family as they continued onto Jakarta. It was hard to say goodbye to them, but we are so excited to finally be in Bali. We are all emotionally and physically exhausted from our time in Koko Village. Pastor Budi told us last night that out of the four and a half years of mission trips to Koko this has been the best one by far. I am so proud of my team and what we accomplished. Part of our hearts will always remain in Koko Village with those kids.
This time here in Bali is exactly what we need after all our hard work in Koko. We spent today by the pool and at the beach. It was the perfect rest and relaxation. Thank you all for your continuious prayers! We miss you all and look forward to coming home.




We just found out that apparently there was an earthquake. We had no idea! For any that may have been concerned, we are all perfectly fine.

Permalink Hey everyone! Hope you’re doing well. This is a picture of me and my favorite girl from Koko Village. We had a great time and it was so sad to leave!

We love Dusan Koko!

Well, our time has come to an end in Koko. We have just arrived at Ru Tang which is a small town about an hour away from Koko. I wish I could sum up our time in Koko, but there is honestly just too much to say. We got to spend so much time with the kids, teaching them, playing games with them and swimming with them. We all fell in love with all the kids, we got to spend so much time with them they learned our names and we all started learning our names! It was such an amazing place. The children were so loving and kind. A lot of us, including myself had tears running down our faces as the children chased our vans as we drove away. This morning we all got up at 5 am to watch the sunrise over the mountains, it was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. The Lord is really doing some amazing things in Dusan Koko! We got to also spend some time with the villagers, they challenged us Americans! It was a lot of fun, all of the villagers came to watch, the girls lost but the boys won! It was a close one! I don’t want to spoil all of the stories for everyone to tell their families so I will stop there. We are now on our way to Lobuhan Bajo where we will rest and stay the night! Tomorrow we will continue our journey on to Bali! We will be working with some local churches and other ministries! Thank you all so much for keeping us on your prayers while we were on Koko the Lord really blessed our time there! We will update again soon! P.s I miss my family! -Kenz


Labuhan Bajo

Greetings from the island of flores! This morning we departed jakarta and hit our connecting flight on the island of bali on the way to the island of flores. I am writing this from the the port town of Labuhan Bajo. We are enjoying an early dinner here and then we will continue on our journey to koko village. It is another 4-5 hours in the car and 20 mins by foot. When we arrive, we will do so as perhaps the first americans to see this remote village. We will get a chance to be a part of the coffee bean harvesting process (thats right mom, coffee bean harvesting!!) We will be out of touch for about three days, but we will update at the next opportunity! We send our love home to our friends and family. In His Grip, Wes Cates


Jet lag can’t hold us down.

Hey! We have been very busy the last few days here in Jakarta, but its has been so great! Yesterday we went to church right upstairs from where we are staying. We introduced our group to the congregation, then half of us stayed in “big church” while the others went to youth service. In youth service (where I was), Aryel gave his testimony then Daniel gave the message. It went really well. After a 3 hour service, we had lunch with church members. We all tried some tasty chicken feet.. bones and all!

We got a lovely tour of Jakarta and saw some pretty neat stuff. We checked out a mall it was like 8 stories. Crazy stuff! The rest of the evening was just preparation for our upcoming time in Koko Village. We will each help teach a variety of subjects to kids kindergaten to 3rd grade. Matt and Megan will be teaching the alphabet and numbers to first grade. Kenz and Daniel teaching songs to kindergarten. Phil teaching drama class. Ethan (though he doesn’t know it yet), Phil, Wes, Aryel and Aundraya teaching human anatomy and the solar system. Then we will all teach soccer and volleyball to the best of our abilities. It should be a funny experience for some.

Today we have been preparing teaching materials and gathering supplies for when we leave for Koko early tomorrow. We also got to eat at Aryel’s family restaurant. There was so much food! We tried goat, cow tongue, and even dog! Poor Air Bud.

Everything has been great so far. The people we’re working with are really awesome and it has been fun to get to know them. Please pray for our time in Koko. We will take an airplane, 4 hour car ride, and bit of walking to get there. There will be no internet access, but we will try to let you know when we arrive in Bali. God is good. Thanks for being awesome and even reading this blog!

Matt feels like a giant here. Megan did not try dog! I checked Kenz’s hair for lice, (Holly, Naj is feelin’ good!). Wes says shout out to the Cates fam nation.



We have arrived!

Hello Family and Friends!

We have safely arrvied in Jakarta! Daniel and Wes picked us up from the airport yesterday and brought us to the appartment complex that we will be staying at during our time here in Jakarta! We met our contacts; Deizy, Yulan, Yulfrieda, Ferdian, and Pastor Budi, they will be with us during our time in Jakarta and in Koko village. Each of us are staying in very nice apartment complexs in separate groups, we have really been blessed with a very nice place to stay! We got a little time to rest when we arrived and then we all met for dinner to meet all the pastors from the church that we will be working with while we are here. The restaurant we went to is acutally in the apartment complex along with the church and school, so it is very convienient for us! The restaurant is called The Nest which the head pastor, Pastor Indri and the church AGC has built as part of their ministry to create a Christian environment for the church congregation to come and fellowship. We got to fellowship and get to know all the staff of the church and share how we funded for the trip and about our lives. We have been so blessed with the contacts we have here in Indonesia! We are all eating breakfast right now at The Nest before we have church today, half of us our going to the adult service and half of us are going to the youth service! We are very excited to visit the church and share with the congregation why we are here and talk to them about our desire to share Jesus in people’s lives here in Indonesia. We will leave Tuesday morning for Koko Village, we are all going to be teaching different classes of children of different ages. We will be spending the rest of the day working on putting together what we are going to be teaching the children today! We are all very excited to get to the school to meet the children and pour into their lives!

Thank you all for all of your prayers, we just ask that you continue to keep us all in your prayers for our time here in Indonesia! We miss all of our familes and friends! We have very limited internet access so we will keep you all updated as much as possible!

Hi Dad, Mom and Zach! Miss you all very much!



Almost there!

Hello! Well, because of delays, we missed our flight to Jakarta. Thankfully, the airline here in Hong Kong put us up in a hotel for the night. We each had our own room even. We will now be boarding a flight to Jakarta in about 30 minutes! We feel rested and ready to go! We’ll try and let everyone know when we get to Jakarta! Thank you for all of your prayers!

Bubbles. -Phil

I miss Sterling. -Aryel

Hi, mom. I don’t have lice! -Kenz

Permalink Hello! My name is Ethan Young and I love Jesus! I am 20 years old and come from Washington state. I was a Freshman this year and I am currently pre-med. I love Sterling College and our team and can’t wait to serve the people of Indonesia with such awesome people! Thank you for praying for us!